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We are proud to present the new album and first solo vinyl LP in 27 years from veteran Swedish artist Leif Elggren. Skirting both the area of pure sound, as well as that of symbolism, the record is a powerful statement on the limits of social and political absurdity and corruption in our present time.

Co-released with Rekem Records, Athens/London, mastered by Henrik Rylander.

Leif Elggren is a Swedish artist who lives and works in Stockholm. Active since the late 1970s, he is a writer, visual artist, stage performer and composer. He has many sound-works to his credit, both solo and with the Sons of God (with Kent Tankred), on labels such as Ash International, Touch, Radium and Firework Edition Records (which he co-runs with Kent Tankred). His music usually presents carefully selected sound sources over a long stretch of time and can range from quiet electronics to harsh noise. His wide-ranging and prolific body of art often involves dreams and subtle absurdities, social hierarchies turned upside-down, hidden actions and events taking on the
quality of icons.

Together with artist Carl Michael von Hausswolff, he is a founder of the Kingdoms of Elgaland-Vargaland (KREV) where he enjoys the title of king.

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The Maze is a map of different territories I covered in my recent travels. But the mapped territories are not contiguous: I am the tunnel that links these places and times, I am the border that keeps them together.

Now, a geographer who makes a map doesn't make a survey: these are two different things. The survey - the gathering - comes first, but the mapping process includes several subsequent steps: scaling, removing, enhancing, and adding. Scale allows to grasp a large territory at a glance. The degree of scaling will make some aspects of the territory emerge and other disappear. The second step is the removal. A geographer who draws a map removes a lot of elements in order for others to appear. Then, some elements will be enhanced: on a tourist map, significant buildings will be bigger than scale and coloured, on a navigation map algae in waterways will be larger than life... Finally, things will be added: words, signs, numbers... Data from the surveys is never enough. Words and numbers are never seen in the fields, but they are on maps and play a very important role. They are ideas about the territories, references, links to culture. A map is a story, and the geographer is a storyteller.

So I turned into a geographer and made The Maze as a mapping process. In The Maze there are lots of field recordings, many of which have seen their time scale change, some have had elements removed, other enhanced, and there are also musical elements added here and there, which tell more about the feelings of the places and travels. The Maze is both a journey and a story. (Jocelyn Robert, September 2015)


Jocelyn Robert (*1959) is a multidisciplinary artist, active in the fields of sound and video art, installations, performance, computer art and writing since the late 1980's. He co-founded the audio and electronic arts centre Avatar in 1993 and has presented his work in numerous events and exhibitions across the globe. Robert lives and works in Quebec City, Canada, where he teaches at l'École des arts visuels de l'Université Laval.

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FF is six!
2009-07-16 - 2015-07-16


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ICE YACHT "Pole of Cold"
C-40 cassette

Tucked away on Snatch 3 (the last of the Snatch Tapes compilations) released in 1981 is a track by Ice Yacht called ‘0 Degrees North’. An austere piece of drum loop and drone music, there was talk of a full tape having been recorded by the band (?) but no documentation of any further releases can be found. 

Rumour had it that Ice Yacht had embarked on an ill-fated trip to the North Pole attempting to retrace a journey made by the Norwegian explorer Fridtjof Nansen in 1888. This story was given credence when last year a research group uncovered a cassette tape in a vacuum-sealed case in the permafrost. The tape was marked simply Ice Yacht – Pole of Cold. 

After letting the tape thaw out it was then baked in an oven allowing the transfer of the recordings. Pole of Cold contains six tracks of analogue electronics seemingly mapping an arctic exploration to the coldest place on the planet though exactly when and where they were recorded is unknown.

High bias C40 chrome cassette, numbered edition of 100 copies.

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DAVE PHILLIPS & CHRS GALARRETA "The Invisible Cage of Comfort"
C-30 cassette

Live collaboration recorded at Oslo 10, Basel/Switzerland, 31 May 2014 on side A plus a fully new piece by DP (CH) and CG (Peru) on the flipside, based on their solo live sets performed and recorded the same night. Processed and mixed by DP/CG.

High bias chrome cassette with white on-body print, housed in printed cardboard slipcase.

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ENEMA SYRINGE "Upshutlenvolte"
7" vinyl

Three previously unreleased tracks, recorded back in 1987 in Örebro, Sweden by Kai Parviainen. 14+minutes of raw and primitive staccato electronics with that specific touch of utter insanity, whichconstitutes the distinctive criterion of E.S. and all the other projects Parviainen has been involved in (such as Enema & Gejonte, Commando Laarz, En Halvkokt I Folie etc). 

Two editions, standard: 200 on black vinyl + special: 50 on dark brown marbled vinyl, hand-numbered with additional stamped and signed collage insert card, available only directly from FF.

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A superb treatise on Wellenfeld by Stefan Paulus was just published here: and also here: (German only)

Thanks a lot to SP.


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ENEMA SYRINGE upshutlenvolte 7" [FRAG32]

regular edition of 200 copies on black vinyl + special edition of 50 copies on dark brown marbled vinyl w/ signed + numbered insert. 



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2009-07-16 - 2014-07-16


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The grande finale of 'Extreme Rituals - A Schimpfluch Carnival' held at Arnolfini, Bristol UK on December 2nd 2012.
In memory of Urs Schwaller.

Four leading figures of the international Noise circus team up for a unique performance, solely based on their brainwave activity. Each performer is wearing a wireless electroencephalograph (EEG) headset. The EEG signals sent from the stage are received by sound­engineers, transformed from data into sound and processed to emerge through eight speakers surrounding the audience. The performance took place without prior tests or rehearsals. The performer develops and gains control over his own brainwave patterns during the performance, by listening to the sonic results of his mental activity. By changing electric impulses of the brain during meditative and ecstatic trance, the performer begins to sculpt the sound through the mind alone.

300 copies, digipak // 12.00€ + shipping

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[FRAG31] CD coming soon.


[FRAG30] is now available!


Fragment Factory is celebrating its 4th anniversary with a CD compilation featuring exclusive, unreleased material by former, present and future FF artists and friends of the label. With Joachim Montessuis (F), AMK (US), Aaron Dilloway (US), Philip Marshall (UK/GER), Krube. (GER), Michael Barthel (GER), GX Jupitter-Larsen (US), Michael Muennich (GER), Giuseppe Ielasi (IT), Leif Elggren (SWE) and Michael & Basil Esposito (US).

12 tracks, approx. 66 minutes runtime, digipak w/ double sided insert and hand-assembled cover.
Edition of 300 copies.


12.00€ + shipping

more info:

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SCHIMPFLUCH-GRUPPE "Nigredo" C46 cassette

Since its foundation in Zürich 1987,'s Schimpfluch-Gruppe has become the epitome of radical outsider art in many respects. Appearing in varying lineups over the years, including several guest artists alongside the core-members (, Lanz, Phillips, Zeier), the Schimpfluch-Gruppe has been forging a bridge from stirring audio and visual works to disturbing and highly challenging live performances ever since.

This cassette documents a live action by Rudolf and Dave Phillips, held in Tokyo 2012 on side A. The flipside contains the beforehand recorded sounds for said performance. One channel per artist, produced independently of each other, Phillips left, right.

Black pro-duplicated cassettes, white printed.

7.00€ + shipping

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[FRAG28] is available from today!

ALICE KEMP "Decay and Persistence" CDr

Alice Kemp aka Germseed has been active in the field of experimental music, sound- and performance art (among other things) for more than two decades. She is part of the Lazarus Corporation artists' collective and has performed in Japan, USA, UK & Europe. Not only her performances at last year's Schimpfluch Carnival in Bristol left the audience baffled and speechless. Decay and Persistence is the reworking of a soundtrack originally created for two performances by Rebecca Weeks and Ian Whitford in Odzaci and Venice, 2012. AK is based in South Devon, UK.

Plain black digipak, incl. double-sided full color booklet, ltd. 100 copies.

8.00€ + shipping

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listen to "Decay and Persistence" on soundcloud


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ALICE KEMP "Decay and Persistence" CDr

SCHIMPFLUCH-GRUPPE "Nigredo" C46 cassette [FRAG29]

V/A "30/4" CD [FRAG30]

(w/ Joachim Montessuis, AMK, Aaron Dilloway, Philip Marshall, Michael Barthel, Giuseppe Ielasi, GX Jupitter-Larsen, Michael Muennich, Krube., Leif Elggren, Michael & Basil Esposito)


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AMK "Spur N" C22 cassette

6.00€ + shipping

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Two new releases, out now!

PHILIP MARSHALL "Passive Aggressive" C42 cassette [FRAG25]

6.00€ + shipping

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AARON DILLOWAY & TOM SMITH "Allein Zu Zweit" C48 cassette [FRAG26]

6.00€ + shipping

more info:

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We're aghast at the recent passing away of swedish artist Joel Brindefalk, whose new album was supposed to be released on Fragment Factory in spring of 2013. Joel will be remembered as one of the few truly outstanding scandinavian sound artists of today, but above all as a genuine and honest character. Deepest condolences to Joel's family and friends. He will be truly missed.

Michael / FF


Coming up next:

PHILIP MARSHALL "Passive Aggressive" C42 cassette

Currently getting its final touch by BJNilsen, expected to be at the ready within the next few weeks!

AARON DILLOWAY & TOM SMITH "Allein Zu Zweit" C48 cassette [FRAG26]

A documentation of a most memorable event, held at FSK Hamburg in summer of 2012. 2 full sets, at first Dilloway allein, followed by Smith and Dilloway zu zweit in a remarkable super duet!



[FRAG21] by Yoshihiro Kikuchi is now sold out from the source. Accordingly, check out the recently launched FF bandcamp website, which provides you with free, high quality downloads of OOP material plus full-length streams of all releases from the past 2 years:


[FRAG24] is now available!

THE BROKEN PENIS ORCHESTRA "Broken Runzel.eb Penis Orchestra" C23 cassette

Dick Flick aka The Broken Penis Orchestra chopping up and manipulating Rudolf material from the years past, including sounds from most Rudolf projects from his inception as a sound artist up to the year 2006 including Wash Your Brains, Runzelstirn & Gurgelstøck and Schimpfluch Gruppe.

Edition of 100 handnumbered copies, housed in A6 sized polybag. 

7.00€ + shipping 


AARON DILLOWAY will be playing three solo shows in Europe this summer. We're happy to be able to host one of them in Hamburg, on JUNE 22 at FSK. This will be a collaboration by Fragment Factory and Radio Gagarin.


[FRAG23] is now available!


After a prolific 2011 with a handful of splendid releases on CD, DVD and cassette + collaborations with the likes of Charlemagne Palestine, Julien Ottavi and The Master Musicians of Joujouka, “Chapel Perilous” marks the debut vinyl release and first proper solo album by the Paris based audio/visual artist and curator of the exquisite Erratum label. 23 tracks, totalling approx. 35 minutes, compiled from recordings made in the course of the past eight years, de- and recomposed for this album in early 2012. Drawing on his voice as the main tool, Montessuis delivers a frantic opus of cut-up noise poetry, making “Chapel Perilous” le chef d’œuvre of his extending body of work.

140g black vinyl, edition of 317 copies.

Mastered by Fred Alstadt at Angström, Brussels // Lacquers cut by Yann Dub at Reverse, Barcelona.

13.00€ + shipping (3.45€ worldwide)

Resellers: FF offers decent wholesale rates for all available releases.


[FRAG22] now available:

MICHAEL MUENNICH "Zum Geleit" 3inch CDr

Originally self-released on the occasion of a performance in Berlin 2011 in a micro-edition of 12 copies, now publicly available for the first time. One long, electro-acoustic composition totalling just over 17 minutes. Basically rustling and crackling, made with the same setup used for said concert. Vinyl records, spiral spring, tape loops and amplified tin can.

Recorded on June 27/28, 2011 at FF Hamburg.

Mastered by Phil Julian.

White disk in mini DVD case, w/ double sided insert card.

6.00€ + shipping (1.45€ Germany // 3.45€ worldwide)

limited quantities are available for wholesale rates.


now available:

YOSHIHIRO KIKUCHI "One Intensely Eats Up Another Economic Principle" C26

I've been keeping a close eye on Kikuchi's works during the past 2 or 3 years and after numerous collaborations with Seido, Anla Courtis, Bryan Saunders and the likes, I'm delighted to welcome back one of Japan's most versatile contemporary artists for his second solo release on Fragment Factory. The recordings basically result from audible conflicts between different soundfile types, modified and processed to four new compositions of glitchy, splintered electronic music. Printed overhead transparency j-card plus a special full-color print lying underneath, designed, printed and signed by YK. Pro-duplicated, stamped tapes, handnumbered edition of 66 copies. Each copy is unique!



Now available:

Special edition of the regular [FRAG20] LP, which has been released some time prior to this version.

Alternative sleeves/cover art, hand-assembled, label logo stamped on both sides of the inner sleeve.

Hand-numbered, limited to 50 copies.

20.00€ + shipping



now shipping:

[FRAG20] LP  

JOHN DUNCAN / MICHAEL ESPOSITO / Z'EV "There Must Be A Way Across This River / The Abject" 

„Michael Esposito proposed the trip to the house where I lived in Chicago (Prospect Heights, to be exact), researched and contacted the present owner to get permission to make recordings inside. He spoke by phone with the wife. When we visited the house, the husband told us the wife was away and refused to allow us to enter. Michael made a recording of this encounter, which is where the EVP was found. Would EVP have been recorded if I hadn't been there? […] Credit should also be given to Heidi Harman, the medium who was with us that night who gave the unsettling news that she could hear my name specified by the voice“.

John Duncan, 03/2011

Two long, remarkable pieces, documenting the occurences at John Duncan's childhood home on February 20, 2009, recorded by Michael Esposito and later processed by Duncan and Z'EV.

Edition of 461 copies, pressed on black 140g vinyl, incl. double-sided insert.

13.00€ + shipping





Artist Edition of GX Jupitter-Larsen & Muennich "Die Arbeiter von Wien" 7inch. Handnumbered, limited to 14 copies, signed by both artists. 4 copies of these will be available for sale from the label. GX might sell a few copies as well.
Individual handmade sleeves. Black cardboard, Vienna city map snippet under red transparancy.

25.00€ + shipping (currenlty 2 copies left).

sold out.


now shipping:

GX JUPITTER-LARSEN und MUENNICH "Die Arbeiter von Wien" 7inch

Following his "Internationale" cassette and the "Solidarity" CD (both on Banned Production), "Die Arbeiter von Wien" displays the 3rd part in Jupitter-Larsen's series of renditions of old trade union/battle songs.

Written by the Vienesse lyricist and essayist Fritz Brügel, presumably in the late 1920's, this piece deals with the events during the so-called "July-Revolt" in the capital of Austria on July 15, 1927. The cause of these events was a court verdict, which aquitted 3 members of the right-wing "Frontkämpfervereinigung Deutsch-Österreichs" of a charge. It was the very same persons, who were responsible for the death of a man and an 8-year-old child in January of the same year.
The "Black Friday", as it went down in history, led to the palace of justice in flames and left 84-89 demonstrators shot dead by austrian police forces, more than 600 people injured and set the stage for a fascist takeover in Austria.


2 renditions, crude, P.E.-ish, vocal-heavy. In short: Commensurate to the occurrences at the time. One side with the original german lyrics, one side with the lyrics translated into english. Double-sided full-color sleeve, lyrics included, 250 made.

6.50€ + shipping (Germany: 2,20€ // elsewhere: 3,45€)