TBC und CoCo "About Friendship"

CDr (Wachsender Prozess / Containerbrut, 2011)



TBC is Thomas Beck (ex-H64), operator of the Hamburg based Wachsender Prozess label and long-established sound artist, known from several solo releases and collaborations with the likes of Brume, Asmus Tietchens, Das Synthetische Mischgewebe etc. during the past 15+ years. "About Friendship" is the team-up with Berlin based chansonette obscure and tamer of static radio feedback CoCo (aka CoCo Carcinoma). 6 rough live improvisations recorded during 2009/10, forging a bridge from deep, bass-ridden drone-ish pieces to more severe noise parts, occasionally paired with a pleasant feel of vintage tape music and the sometimes truly bizarre vocals of madame C.
Handmade sleeves, each copy looks slightly different.


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